American Flyers interview with Julie Zheng

American Flyers published their interview with me about my around-the-world flight in "Pilot's Digest." I incorporate American Flyers' approach to training with my own students, focusing on deep understanding of "ground" knowledge and developing aeronautical...

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Toilets in military aircraft?

  "In the period before and after the outbreak of World War II, some combat aircraft have a good condition for the toilet. For example, the British "Wellington" bombing in the following figure, equipped with a small solution of the urine tank pipe - apparently no...

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Stall Boeing 717-200

Airliners stall, really they do, and pilots find themselves in unusual attitudes more often than you think. This instance was during a test flight where the pilots were pushing the aircraft to the limits of its flight envelope. The buffet, stall and break happened...

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