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“Honestly, I was very nervous until I took the controls and then I had the time of my life.”

Meng Yuxin, Graphic Designer

Discovery Flight Adventure

Discovery Flight, What to Expect:

When you take our Discovery Flight Adventure, you will fly the plane with one of our FAA-certified instructor pilots at your side. For your discovery flight we will schedule an hour with one of our airplanes and flight instructors. When you arrive at the airport terminal, your instructor will begin by showing you around the facility and by providing a brief familiarization with the aircraft and its components. Your instructor will introduce you to the flight controls and show you how to use them to command the aircraft. After answering any questions you might have, you will be off! Actual flight time is generally around 35 to 40 minutes and you will have control of the airplane the majority of the time.

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First Flight Lesson

First Flight Lesson, What to Expect:

Your First Flight Lesson is a discovery flight on steroids. It will be based on the same FAA-approved private pilot curriculum we teach from, and consists of one hour of ground school, a pre-flight briefing, approximately one hour of flight, and a post-flight briefing. You should allow for three hours at the airport. The objectives of your first flight lesson are for you to be exposed to certain concepts fundamental to safe flight such as the use of checklists, the parts and capabilities of the aircraft and basic aerodynamics. Your flight instructor will introduce the lesson plan and explain the different tasks that are completed before every flight, such as a weather briefing and a pre-flight inspection of the aircraft. You will then discuss the forces that affect the aircraft and how you will be controlling them. You walk out to the airplane and learn how to conduct a pre-flight inspection. Once you’ve completed a pre-flight briefing, you are ready to go flying. You will learn how to start the aircraft as well as taxi it to the runway and even takeoff. You will control the aircraft as you climb out and cruise. You will use dead reckoning and pilotage to find your way back to the airport. Returning to the airport for landing, your instructor will talk you through the landing nearly all the way to the ground. After the flight, you’ll conduct a post flight inspection of the airplane and then go inside for the post flight briefing. During the briefing, you will discuss the different things you learned, and talk through any questions you may have. After you have completed your discussion, the flight instructor will sign your new logbook, endorsing your first hour of flight instruction and first hour of ground instruction.

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Kids In The Cockpit

Kid’s Pilot Adventure

Kids can start flying at any age. The Kids’ Pilot Adventure gives your child an unforgettable experience that will make an indelible impression. This experience is designed for children 3 to 12 years old. After an age-appropriate mini-briefing on how the yoke affects the aircraft in flight, your child will actually manipulate the aircraft controls through climb and descent, straight and level flight and turns, with an FAA-certified flight instructor at their side. We supply booster cushions to give your child an unrestricted view outside the cockpit. All air traffic control communications and operation of complex aircraft systems will be handled by the instructor. You, as a parent, grandparent or guardian, are welcome to ride along at no additional charge. Grab you camera! After the flight, your child will receive a Pilot Logbook recording the flight time and type of aircraft flown and a certificate confirming their first flight experience.

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First Flight Experience 30-Minute Add-on

Stay in Control a Little Longer:

Extend your first flight lesson a little longer. Fly for an additional thirty minutes over the Treasure Coast on any of our discovery flights with the First Flight 30-Minute Add-On.

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HD Video Option

Record the Moment in Hi-Definition Video:

Have a professionally edited video of your first flight experience to upload to YouTube or Vimeo, to share with family members or just for posterity.

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